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Gaël Grosch


Unlock the full potential of AI, customize ChatGPT to your unique writing style. Whether it’s for emails, content creation, or casual conversations, the website generate a prompt to adapt ChatGPT’s responses to match your tone, style, and personality nuances.

I launched to help me get a more personal style from ChatGPT. The website allows to easily create, customize and save your unique writing styles. and use them with ChatGPT, Gemini or other places like

How does it work?

Through a quiz, you will create your own writing style

A screenshot of the quiz on
Create your prompt in a couple minutes by answering 10 questions

And after 10 questions, you will get your personal prompt matching your personality:

A screenshot of the quiz on
Use and edit your personalized prompt easily

It is then easy to use them with ChatGPT, Gemini or other LLMs like HuggingChat or Claude.

More information

For more information, check out and our blogpost