2022 Track Organizer Applied Machine Learning Days

AI & Manufacturing Track Organizer

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2022 Workshop Organizer Applied Machine Learning Days

Forecasting & Meta-Learning Workshop

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2021 Conference Europython

Darts: Unifying time series forecasting models from ARIMA to Deep Learning

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2020 Workshop Swiss Digital Days

This Learning Lab has been created by humans. Would you notice if it hadn’t?


2020 Webinar Unit8

Tips & Tricks to build your Search Engine with Elasticsearch


2019 Conference Data Modelling Zone - Stuttgart

Building your own Search Engines

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2019 Meetup SwissAI

Open Source Software for AI, self Driving Cars and IP Protection in Companies


Projects & Articles

2022 Internal Project Carbon Emissions

Lead initiative to track & compensate Unit8 Emissions


2022 Internal Project Darts

Darts: Time-Series Forecasting


2021 Project Hackathon Winner

Methane Leak Detection

Project Overview

2019 Article Hackathon

How to win in Europe’s largest Hackathon?


2017 Article Swisscom

The Data Scientists from Swisscom

News Article (dead link)

2014 Project Startup

Cushear - Smart earplugs Startup

News Article & Info

2013 Project Summer

Construction of a bioreactor - EPFL/Univalle Exchange program

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2013 Project Design

Mooc Radio - A MOOC concept to reach remote students in Africa