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2020 Workshop Swiss Digital Days

This Learning Lab has been created by humans. Would you notice if it hadn’t?


2020 Webinar Unit8

Tips & Tricks to build your Search Engine with Elasticsearch


2019 Conference Data Modelling Zone - Stuttgart

Building your own Search Engines

Info & Slides

2019 Meetup SwissAI

Open Source Software for AI, self Driving Cars and IP Protection in Companies


Projects & Articles

2019 Article Hackathon

How to win in Europe’s largest Hackathon?


2017 Article Swisscom

The Data Scientists from Swisscom

News Article (dead link)

2014 Project Startup

Cushear - Smart earplugs Startup

News Article & Info

2013 Project Summer

Construction of a bioreactor - EPFL/Univalle Exchange program

News Article

2013 Project Design

Mooc Radio - A MOOC concept to reach remote students in Africa